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Refrigeration Fittings

Degreased copper endfeed / endbrazed fittings manufactured to ASME B16.22-2001 

All fittings are supplied in group sealed protective polythene bags and are specifically designed for copper refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Specific Benefits Include:

  • Each copper fitting is engraved with unique branding together with the fitting size where space permits.
  • All sealed protective polythene bags are product labelled.
  • Products are supplied in reinforced cardboard boxes, labelled with product information and outline drawing.

Refrigeration Copper Fittings (Ex Stock)

The following items are available in the sizes shown:

  • Long Radius 90 degree elbow
  • Long Radius 90 degree street elbow
  • Short radius 90 degree elbow
  • Short radius 90 degree street elbow
  • 45 degree elbow
  • 45 degree street elbow
  • Straight coupler
  • Equal tee
  • End caps (excluding 5/16")

Sizes range from 1/4" to 4,1/8"

Also available in various sizes are:

  • Reducing couplers
  • Fitting reducers
  • U-bends
  • P-traps
  • Reducing tee branch reduced
  • Reducing tee end & end reduced
  • Reducing tee end & branch reduced