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Plumbing Flux

Non-corrosive soft solder flux paste for soldering applications of copper to tin alloys.

Water-soluble. With halogens. It complies with EN-ISO 9454 (2.1.2.C).


Supplied in plastic jars of 113g. Packed in boxes of 90 units.

Chemical Composition

20% Etoxiled Fatty alcohol 5% Fatty acid 50% Amine chloride 25% Water

Hazards Identification

Human: This product is not dangerous for the health

Environment: It is not considered dangerous for the environment

First Aids Measures

After inhalation: Bring the operative to breathe fresh air and consult a doctor.

By contact with the skin: Wash with water and soap.

By contact with eyes: Rinse out with abundant clear water during 15 minutes keeping open eyes and

consult a opthamologist in case of persistent irritation.

After ingestion: Wash out with abundant clear water during 15 minutes keeping open eyes and consult a

opthamologist in case of persistent irritation.

Fire Fighting Measures

Extinction means: use powders, foams or pulverised water.

Peculiar danger by the exposure to the substance or its combustion: None; the product cannot explode

and set on fire. Special protecting kit: Use a mask in closed locations

Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions: Described prevention measures at point 8

Cleaning method: Absorb the product with sand or sawdust. Clean the soiled surface with abundant hot water.

Handling And Storage Handling: Avoid always, if it is possible, the contact with the skin; therefore it’s

recommended to use the applicator brush. Keep the bottle always tightly closed. Avoid the direct vapour’s

inhalation caused by the heating Storage: None, in normal conditions of use

Exposure Control / Personal Protection. Exposure limit: None

Breathing protection: Use facemask if you work large period of time in small and poorly ventilated spaces. In open spaces or in open air it is

no necessary.

Eye protection: It is recommended to use safety goggles in order to avoid splashing

Skin protection: Only in the event of hyper-sensibility or allergy to the product, it is necessary to use gloves of neoprene. Normally the use of the application brush avoids skin irritations.

Physical And Chemical Properties Physical state at 20º C: Paste Freezing point: -10 ºC

Odour: None

Ignition point: Not Determined (higher than 200ºC) Colour: Yellowish Vapour pressure: N.D. pH: 6/7

Density: 1.10 gr/cc

Boiling point: 110 liquid part

Water solubility: Total

Stability & Reactivity Stability: Stable emulsion up to 65ºand activity till 300ºC

Conditions to be avoided: None

Materials to be avoided: None

Hazardous decomposition products: None

Toxicological Information Severe Toxicity: DL50 oral rat. It is not toxic in its maximum dosage

Poisoning routes: None

Acute effects / symptoms: During the heating it may irritate slightly the eyes, the mucous

nasal and the respiratory tract. Irritant to the skin if there are open wounds, making sting. There is not

described any case of migraine, of spontaneous vomits or nausea produced by the local use of the product.

Chronic effects: There is no described any case of chronic alteration produced by the local use of the product.

Ecological Information Ecological toxicity: None described

Waste Disposal Product Disposal: Respect local and national regulations. Dispose remaining product through an authorized waste disposal party.

Used container disposal: Dispose container through an authorized waste disposal party.

Transport Information: There is no special consideration necessary

Regulatory Information Classification: This product is not subject to classification as per the European

Directive criteria regarding the control of dangerous substances and derivates. The product has been

adapted to the European Norm EN 29454 (2.1.2.C) of November 1993 about “Soft soldering fluxes” in

substitution of the Norm DIN 8511


Leaded Solder Wire

lawtons leaded soft solder is a leaded alloy developed for plumbing and industrial applications of non-potable

water supplies, heating and gas installations.

Type of Alloy

Compliant to the European and international standard: EN-ISO 9453: 2006.

Alloy No. 136

Alloy Designation Pb74Sn25Sb1

Melting Temperature 185 - 263oC


Format: solid solder wire. Diameters: 0,35mm to 6mm. Delivered in reels of 250gr


25% Tin 74% Lead 1% Antimony

Hazards Identification

Eyes: Burns caused by the melted material Skin: Burns caused by the melted material

Ingestion: Harmful due to lead content. Inhalation: It may be harmful and damage health in case of

inhalation of the fumes emitted when this product is heated. It must be only used in ventilated areas.

The activators of the resin do not implied any hazard given its low concentration in the final product.

First Aid Measures

Eyes Flush immediately with water. Get dermatologist attention. Skin Wash with soap and water Ingestion

Wash mouth with water and seek medical attention. Inhalation Evacuate to fresh air and seek medical attention

Fire Fighting Measures

Specific hazards None, the product cannot explode or become inflamed.

Extinguishing media Use pulverised water or foam

Fire-fighting equipment Foresee breathing protection. Use face mask

Accidental Released Measures

The supplied state of the material, present no risk of spillage.

Individual precautions - Use gloves to avoid burns in case of contact with the product.

Environmental protection precautions - Avoid the product entering into underground water pipes or ground


Cleaning methods - Collect the product by mechanical means, avoiding dust formation. To remove completely,

clean the surface with plenty of water.

Handling and Storage

Handling Whenever it is possible, avoid contact with skin. Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid direct inhalation of

fumes. Preventive instructions against explosions and fires: no special requirements.

Storage - Requirements to be met by premises with storerooms and containers:

No special requirements.

Remarks for combined storage: not required

Further instructions about storage conditions:

Keep container tightly sealed. Store in tightly closed and dry environments.

Storage class: VFD Class (Regulation on fluid fuels): deleted

Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Additional instructions for the fitting of technical facilities: With the molten material: use in ventilated

environments, or well equipped with fume extraction. Components with acceptable limit values that require

monitoring at the workplace: the product does not contain any relevant quantities of substances which limit

values must be controlled in the workplace.

Additional instructions: the current lists at the time of preparation were used as basis.

Personal protective equipment.

General protective and hygienic measures: Keep away from food, drinks and animal food. Wash hands before

breaks and after work. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Respiratory protection: Use mask in poorly ventilated places.

Skin Protection: Gloves, only during the heating process.

Eye protection: Wear safety goggles to prevent potential spills during the operational phase.

Lawton Tube Technical Guide - 4th Revision 2012

Exposure limit values:

Substance Name VLA-ED (mg/m3) VLA-EC (mg/m3)

Tin 2 -

Lead 0.15 -

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Solid

Colour Silver grey

Odour None

Flash point Not applicable

Combustion properties Non oxidant

Ignition Not applicable

Danger of explosion Not applicable

Relative density 10,54 Gr/cc.

Stability and Reactivity


Heat: heating may cause oxides steams and metal fumes.

Humidity: Keep the product dry.

Duration: Product not expired.

Toxilogical Information

Acute toxicity Tin: 40 μg/m3 Lead: 2,0 mg/ m3

Exposure ways Inhalation

Acute effects / symptoms During its heating may cause slight eye , nasal mucous and respiratory tract irritation.

Chronic effects Only after years of constant activity in unfavourable conditions, it may present risk of lung edema.

Ecological Information

General notes:

Level of damage to water 1 (self-classification): limited danger for water. Do not allow the undiluted product or in

large quantities to infiltrate in ground waters, in water courses or in water pipes. It must not end up in sewages or

drainage ditches.

Disposal Considerations

Storage and handling

Recommendation: Do not dispose of this substance with household waste. It should not reach sewer system.

Unclean packaging

Recommendation: Dispose of according to official regulations.

Information Concerning Transport

There is no special consideration in this regard.

Regulatory Information

Rating: This product is not subject to classification according to the criteria by the EC Directives on the Control of

Dangerous Substances and Preparations.

R-Phrases: R 20/22 Harmful by inhalation and ingestion.

S-Phrases: S 2 Keep out of the reach of children.

S 13 Keep away from food, drinks and feed.

S 21 Do not smoke while using it.

S 26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty water and consult a doctor.


as when this product is heated may emit dangerous fumes for health if inhaled.

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