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Degreased Copper Endfeed Fittings

Manufactured to BS EN 1254-1:1998 Part 1

All endfeed fittings are supplied in individually sealed protective polythene bags and are specifically designed for copper medical gas and vacuum systems.

Specific Benefits Include:

  • Complies to NHS (UK) Health Technical Memorandum 02 which replaces HTM 2022.
  • All fittings supplied contain less than 100mg/m2 (0.01mg/cm2) of hydrocarbons on the degreased surface.
  • Improved identification to avoid confusion with similar sizes of water service fittings.
  • Each endfeed fitting is engraved with unique branding together with the EN spec and fitting size where space permits.
  • All individually sealed protective polythene bags are product labelled.
  • Products are supplied in reinforced cardboard boxes, labelled with product information and outline drawing.


lawton degreased medical fittings