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Kitemarking (BSI Standards)

Kitemarks are a sign of quality. A manufacturer can claim they can make to a standard but no-one checks unless the client pays for a third party inspection. If you hold a kitemark licence it shows that the manufacturer is independently audited several times a year by the British Standards Office as well has having samples tested. It also gives you and your client a place go to if there are manufacturing issues before taking up any legal action.

Therefore it is in the manufacturer’s interest to resolve any complaints quickly and fully.

If British Standards are not satisfied they can take the licence away and it is very hard to get back. Cost to hold each licence runs into thousands of pounds per year.

In the UK and Europe we have to have these in order to be able to sell our products. Please check our licences on-line, which we freely display but not required to, for our plumbing tube to EN1057 and medical gas tube to EN13348.

Below is extract from BSi website,

What is the Kitemark?

When you see a product with a Kitemark this means BSI has independently tested it and has confirmed that the product conforms to the relevant British Standard, and has issued a BSI license to the company to use the Kitemark. The manufacturer pays for this service and their product is tested, and the manufacturing process is assessed, at regular intervals.

The Kitemark is the symbol that gives consumers the assurance that the product they have bought really does conform to the appropriate British Standard and should therefore be safe and reliable.

Manufacturers are not legally required to display a Kitemark on their products, but many everyday products and appliances such as fridges, electrical plugs and crash helmets have them.


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