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Heat Exchangers

Copper’s excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance have long been recognised in applications such as industrial shell and tube heat exchangers, coolers, evaporators and condensers.

More recently, rising global living standard expectations have seen the demand for space heating and air conditioning equipment grow, with copper the material of choice.

Its cold-forming properties ensure it can be bent, expanded, reduced or beaded with ease.   Jointing is traditionally practised by means of soldering, brazing or welding.

We supply a range of precision drawn DHP copper tube to the following specifications:

  • BS EN 12451 –Seamless Round Copper Tubes for Heat Exchangers

Tubes are made bespoke to customers requirements. In addition, tubes based on standard sizes in BS EN 12735 and BS EN 1057 are also available, normally at shorter notice and processed from stock material.