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Lawton K65

Lawton K65 is a high copper alloy with high mechanical strength.

Typical Applications

Tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration, heating and solar engineering, brake line tubing

Material designation

EN CuFe2P CW1076
UNS* C19400
* Unified numbering system

Physical Properties*

Thermal Conductivity W/(m-K) >260
DensityG/CM3 8.91
*Reference values at room temperature

Temper (DIN EN12449)
R300** soft annealed
R420** hard

K65 Technical Information

Relevant standards and specifications

  • DIN EN 12449 Seamless, round tubes for general purposes
  • Wieland R-1084 Seamless drawn plain or inner-grooved tubes in K65 in LWC for pressure vesels and piping
  • Wieland R-1085 Seamless drawn plain or inner-grooved copper tubes in K65 in straight lengths for pressure vessels and piping
  • VdTUV-Werkstoffblatt, new draft 03.2010 Seamless drawn tubes in CuFe2P (CW107C) Wieland K65



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