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Medical Tubes to BS EN 13348

Specifically designed for copper medical gas and vacuum systems. Superseding earlier 'hybridised' copper tube standards such BS EN 1057 & BS 2871 Part 1 Table X

Conforms to HTM 02-01:2006 & NHS engineering spec. C11
Specific Benefits Include:

  • Tighter limits on cleanliness determination.
  • Improved identification to avoid confusion with similar sizes of water service tube.
  • Lawton Tubes are the first British company to be awarded the kitemark licence to supply to this standard.

Material Analysis

  • Material Grade Phosphorus de-oxidised copper; Cu-DHP or CW024A as defined in BS EN 1976.
  • Minimum Copper Content 99.90 % (including silver)
  • Phosphorus 0.015-0.040 %
  • Total Impurity Maxima 0.060 % (excluding phosphorus and silver)
  • The melting point of copper is 1083ÂșC and it has a density of 8.9 gm/cc


  • Maximum total carbon content 0.20 mg/dm2.


  • Each tube individually end capped, tube bundles polythene wrapped* and sealed.


Sizes 12 -108mm copper tubes are stamped with:

  • Tube size
  • Kitemark
  • EN 13348
  • Temper
  • Manufacturer
  • Date & Batch Code 12mm to 28mm sizes are also inkjet marked with additional data to enable traceability

Sizes above 108mm (133mm/159mm/219mm) are made to EN 1057 and cleaned to EN 13348

Mechanical Properties

Dimensions and Tolerances


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