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Product Specifications / Technical Information

Engineering Copper Tubes

Pipeline solutions for Engineering applications.

Made to order so contact our Sales department with FULL enquiry.

Average manufacturing time is 4 weeks.

We manufacture/distribute to the following European Specifications(American ASTM can also be offered):

  • BS EN 12449:1999
  • BS EN 12541:1999
  • BS EN 13600:2002

BS EN 12451 Seamless, round tubes for heat exchangers

Material Analysis

  • Material Grade Phosphorus de-oxidised copper; Cu-DHP or CW024A as defined in BS EN 1976.
  • Minimum Copper Content 99.90 % (including silver)
  • Phosphorus 0.015-0.040 %
  • Total Impurity Maxima 0.060 % (excluding phosphorus and silver)

Dimensions and Tolerances - Please enquiry with our sales department as we make to order so product will be customer specific.


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